Hydraulic press / transfer 30 – 450 t | Genesis, Vantage series

Hydraulic press / transfer 30 - 450 t | Genesis, Vantage series WABASH
WABASH transfer presses are used for superior molding of encapsulated electronics, medical products, insert molded plugs and connectors, rotors, sensors, and many other applications..
Beginning with a WABASH 30-ton Genesis Series or a 50 through 350-ton Vantage Series press, you can configure it to perform your precise task. Many options are available..
Standard features of these transfer molding presses include rigid four-post construction for accurate platen level and parallelism. Cartridge heated insulated steel platens provide precise temperature control of molds for quality results..
The transfer press features energy sufficient hydraulic system. A flow control valve provides adjustable transfer pressing speed. An optional mold safety circuit is available to protect expensive tooling from damage.

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