Hydraulic press / compression 50 – 1 000 t | Vantage series

Hydraulic press / compression 50 - 1 000 t | Vantage series WABASH
Energy-Efficient Hydraulic System – Integral hydraulic system features energy-efficient load-sensing pump and TEFC energy-efficient electric motor sized for the press. Components are easily accessible for quick maintenance..
User-friendly Controls #8212; Programmable controller with interface controls press sequence. Digital temperature controllers maintain uniform temperature of optional heated platens..
用户友好的控制界面控件# 8212;按顺序可编程控制器。数字温度控制器保持可选加热压板温度均匀..
Reliable Control Systems #8212; NEMA-rated control cabinet designed for easy access..
可靠的控制系统设计8212 NEMA额定#;为方便..控制柜
Safety Guards #8212; All new WABASH presses include a safety guard around the molding area for improved safety. Sliding, hinged or power gates are available.
安全警卫# 8212;所有新的沃巴什机包括安全防护罩的成型面积以提高安全。滑动,铰接或功率的大门是可用的。

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